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        Having incorporates a team of experienced and professional staff, we are able to provide qualified repair and maintenance of medical equipment as soon as possible and at the lowest prices:

  • Equipment of domestic and imported.
  • Dental (dental) X-ray machines.
  • Ultrasound diagnostic machines.
  • Ultrasonic sensors.
  • Video printers and peripherals medical complexes.
  • Resuscitation equipment (resuscitation monitors, defibrillators, ventilator, infant incubators, etc.).
  • Electrosurgical equipment and orthopedic appliances.
  • Physiotherapy equipment.
  • Diagnostic equipment (Cardiographs, computer diagnostic systems, endoscopic equipment)
  • Sterilization equipment.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Laundry and kitchen equipment.
  • Autonomous power system (gas/diesel generators, UPS, AVR, e.t.c.).

At a warranty of up to 24 months.



Sale of medical equipment

      We offer a wide range of professional surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic medical equipment, and auxiliary equipment for the medical establishments of any profile.

Repair of x-ray equipment and dental x-ray machines

Our highly qualified specialists will repair any X-ray equipment of domestic and imported, including dental (dental) x-ray machines.




Repair of ultrasonic sensors and ultrasound machine with warranty

Infotehmed together with Medman are highly qualified Repair of ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasonic sensors.