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Sale of medical equipment

        Company " Infotehmed " offers a wide range of professional medical equipment from leading manufacturers of Ukraine and the world.

  Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment:

- Cardiographs and Holter ECG monitoring systems and pressure;

- electricity and ECHO encephalograph;

- endoscopic equipment;

- ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus;

- physiotherapy equipment;

- x-ray machines.


Resuscitation equipment:

- ventilator (adults and children);

- Monitors resuscitation;

- defibrillators;


Surgical Equipment:

- system for coagulation;

- equipment to monitor the patient;

- surgical tables;

- Surgical beztinevi;

- suction pumps.


Sterilization equipment:

- Steam sterilizers (HC, MC, dental);

- Dry-air sterilizers (GP SHSS);

- cabinets for maintaining sterility.



- medical furniture, possibly custom;

- akvadystelyatory;

- equipment for laundries and kitchens;

- Indirect energy.