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Repair of x-ray equipment and dental x-ray machines

Service Center provides a full range of works on repair and maintenance X-ray equipment of domestic and imported, including:


- Installation of X-ray equipment of all types including dental (dental) devices;
- Maintenance of log entries of control and preventive examinations rentgenodiagnosticheskogo equipment;
- Repair of all types of X-ray equipment of domestic production;
- Import repair X-ray apparatus including dental X-ray;
- Repair of analog and pulse generating devices;
- Replacement x-ray tubes with a warranty and training;
- Checking the quality of work performed, calibration and control of technical parameters of refurbished x-ray equipment;

        Specialists service center to repair X-ray technique with high engineering skills, special education, undergo regular training in leading institutions, and receive advice and support major manufacturers X-ray equipment;