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«Ultrasound Desktop» software

designed to automate the ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound) process to Ukrainian language, namely:


- Capture ultrasound images from any ultrasound system using a TV tuner, display the captured image on the screen of the PC. To provide this function, the program provides a special interface module through which the displaying captured video in a box in real time. Also in the program is the ability to adjust the picture format video source.

- Storage of ultrasound pictures (still pictures) on your hard drive. To provide this function, the program has designated the control buttons, clicking which the user can save ultrasound image file format jpeg. All files are stored in a separate folder on your hard drive. Folder name consists of the date of the inspection and the serial number of tests per day. The file name consists of its serial number during the examination.

- Recording and storing ultrasound video images on a computer. To provide this function, the program provides for the existence of two control buttons «Start / Stop» and «Play», through which the user starts and stops video recording and viewing videos are saved. Record video made in separate files to AVI format with names that correspond to the serial number of the video in the survey. Videofiyly stored in the same folder as the files ultrasound images.

- Forming conclusions ultrasound examinations with the inclusion of these previously stored photos with captions to each of them. The program includes a special wizard conclusions, which enabled based on pre-designed templates formed conclusion. It consists of text and graphics parts. In the text of the physician indicates required

- Print conclusions ultrasound using any printer