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A computer program called "Profoglyad" is designed to automate jobs physicians of different types, working in the departments of preventive examinations outpatient departments medical institutions, namely:


- Maintenance (entering, editing, search) a single database of citizens who need to undergo periodic preventive examinations;
- Reporting on the passage of preventive examinations of workers in enterprises.

The database contains the following tables:
- PERSON (name and patronymic, date of birth, address, place of employment, position, frequency of inspections, the passage of the first month view, note);
- FIRM (Company name, belonging to the category of businesses);
- SUBDIV (of the enterprise);
- CATEGORY (category companies);
- OGLAD (citizen, the results examined by a specialist (dermatologist, gynecologist, physician, audiologist, dentist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist) and analysis (fluorography, intestinal infections, typhoid fever, helminthiasis, staphylococcus, brucellosis), admission to the performance of official duties, date passing routine inspection, the date of passing the next inspection).